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High Capacity & Multifunction

16 ports for multiple devices. 624000mAh/1997Wh ultra-large capacity, 2000W (4000W max) high output to smoothly power your outdoor camping, adventures and off-grid living, etc. Also ideal as a household emergency backup power solution for disasters or power outages.

Fast Charge

Flexible to charge via AC wall outlet, solar panels, cigarette lighter or 500W solar + AC dual charging (fully charged in about 1.5 hours), empowering you to charge AFERIY power station anytime, anywhere.

LiFePO4 Battery

The adoption of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery that features a six-fold longer life cycle and high thermal stability to maintain at least 85% of the initial capacity after 3500 charge/discharge cycles, makes AFERIY an economical and environmentally friendly power solution.

Safe & Stable BMS

An upgraded Battery Management System (BMS) provides built-in protection against safety hazards caused by overloading, overcharging, and short circuits. Protect your electrical appliances during use, providing higher stability and safety for the equipment.

Pure Sine Wave

With a quality pure sine wave inverter that outputs relatively stable waveform, AFERIY portable power station is more capable and safer to run high-power devices such as rice cooker, hairdryer, kettle, fridge, toaster, microwave, air conditioners, mowers and laser cutting machines, etc.

24/7 UPS Home Backup

AFERIY portable power station features an uninterrupted power supply (USP) function to provide stable and uninterrupted electricity to ordinary household appliances when power goes out.

AFERIY Portable Power Station Series


1248Wh Capacity | 1200W Output
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1997Wh Capacity | 2000W Output
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Solar Generator

Home backup, RV life, camping buddy.
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Solar Panels

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Below are some common issues our clients come across before purchase.
If there are any other questions, please feel free to contact support@aferiy.com.

Portable Power Stations

There are 4 ways to charge.(AC + solar charging, AC charging, solar charing, and car charging.)

Yes. Besides AFERIY solar panels, they are also compatible with other solar panles on the market. But please note that the maximum input of the solar panel cannot exceed 500W.

Yes, you can charge AFERIY portable power station simultaneously via solar panels and AC. Besides, in this way the charging speed can be greatly boosted.

AFERIY portable power station uses lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4). It has more than 3500 charge cycles.

Yes. Support UPS uninterruptible power supply function

The AC port output of AFERIY portable power station is pure sine wave

Yes. AFERIY portable power station can be used both indoors and outdoors, but keep in mind that to avoid rain and sun exposure. It supports power cable charging and solar charging mode, suitable for different indoor and outdoor scenarios. It's not only great as home emergency backup power, but an excellent power solution for outdoor camping, RV overnight, outdoor photography, etc.

AC output voltage and frequency standards vary in different countries. Please check the AC voltage of the device before use. Here's how:

(1) Quickly and continuously press the AC button for 10 times to switch the AC output voltage to 100V or 110V.

AC output voltage and frequency standards vary in different countries. Please check the frequency of the device before use. Here's how:

(1) Press and hold the AC button for 2 seconds to enter the standby frequency change mode, and the 50Hz or 60Hz icon will blink on the display.

(2) Press the AC button again to select 50Hz or 60HZ.

(3) The icon stops blinking and displays 50 or 60Hz. The switch is done.

In addition to PSE certification, we have also obtained international safety standard UL, CE, FCC, RoHS, TELEC certification, and so on.

General Questions

The lithium iron phosphate battery refers to a lithium ion battery that uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as a positive electrode material.

The use of lithium iron phosphate battery means, even after 3,500 cycles of charge and discharge, it can still maintain more than 85% of the initial capacity. Besides, it's about 6 times more durable than the average battery, with better safety, longer life, higher temperature resistance, and lower cost.

The full name of BMS is Battery Management System.

It is used for real-time monitoring of battery parameters, fault diagnosis, short-circuit protection, leakage monitoring, display and alarm, and charging and discharge mode selection. The highest level of safety can be achieved by using BMS, which is also used for electric vehicles. With overvoltage/undervoltage protection, overheat/low temperature protection, overload protection, short circuit protection and other protection functions, even beginners can be assured to use.

UPS is uninterruptible power supply, which is an uninterruptible power supply with energy storage device. It is mainly used to provide uninterrupted power supply to some devices that require high power stability.

UPS function avoids the inconvenience and loss caused by power outages. On the other hand, the use of UPS power system can provide stable voltage power supply for the user's devices, ensuring the normal operation of the devices and extending their service life.

Pure Sine Wave is a waveform of alternating current (AC current) that is drawn as a regularly periodic and smooth curve with equal voltage amplitude and constant spacing between waves.

Which allows you to use all the household appliances or electrical tools without any hassle, just like you are using an outlet at home. Moreover, featuring low noise spares you the need to worry about imposing loads on sophisticated equipment or shortening the life of appliances.

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